Provider Payments – Payment and Claims Processing

As an end-to-end electronic payment processor, DataPath is blazing a trail through the complex claims processing landscape.

We process everything in-house, including bank drafts, provider notifications, and payment generation, and provide the industry’s best customer support. DataPath Provider Payments can help you save time, reduce payment errors, automate provider payments, and streamline the Explanation of Benefits (EOB) reconciliation process.

With DataPath Provider Payments, you no longer have to worry about escheatment, check fraud, or lost EOBs. The provider can receive payment as early as the next business day.

Set your compass for quick, accurate, and secure payment and claims processing by choosing DataPath Provider Payments.



Direct Pay Provider Network, LLC

We're a small business and our staff wears many hats. To help ease the work load, we needed a payment solution that we could trust to deliver accurate payments quickly and enable us to automate a lot of the work.

Paul Williams Principal/Owner

DataPath Provider Payments helps resolve many of the common issues experienced by payers and providers, such as:

We do business with many providers. Some are happy to try new methods, while others are very reluctant to move to something different. Managing these various payments methods for each individual client is tedious.

Once you register for Provider Payments, DataPath sends a notice to your clients informing them of the agreement. Each provider must register through the web portal with an easy-to-setup process for virtual payments. If desired, providers may request an alternative payment method. DataPath manages the rest.

The EOB/EOR can get separated from the payment, meaning we have to spend time and money to re-verify and resend the statement.

With Provider Payments, DataPath notifies the provider once a payment is processed. The provider can access the EOB/EOR online and download the file. With electronic EOBs, you don’t have to spend money on postage and printing, and the web portal maintains a centralized record that can be accessed at any time.

I have to spend a lot of time trying to keep track of which payments have been received and which haven’t.

payment and claims processingUsing the Provider Payments web portal, you can keep track of all payments and see when they were sent, received, and processed.

Purchasing new software and learning to use it is expensive and time-consuming.

Provider Payments utilizes a web portal; as long as you have internet access, you can use Provider Payments. Also, DataPath works with your specified file format. There is no need to buy new software or alter the way you process EOBs.


How does Provider Payments work?

Once the EOB is generated, you send the file to us. DataPath processes the payment, notifies the provider, posts the EOB to an electronic portal, and sends the payment to the provider.

payment and claims processingFeatures:

  • Bank-neutral payment processing solution
  • Payment options include check and ACH
  • Industry-leading customer support
  • Easy payer registration
  • Secure, role-based access
  • Ability to customize payment portal
  • Direct EDI with claims system

Take the pain out of claims remittance with DataPath Provider Payments.


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