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Manage and Integrate FSA, HRA, HSA, Transit, Dependent Care Administration and More


As an “everything you could need” solution, Summit integrates FSA, DCAP, HRA, QSEHRA and Transit account administration with streamlined financial processes including debit cards and electronic payments. DataPath is also the only benefits administration software provider that is also an end-to-end card and payment processor.


How Summit Will Save You Time and Money

  • Customizable Template Wizard – Stop the endless clicking! Set up plans, contribution schedules, reimbursement settings, and card settings, for whatever your clients need. You can also simplify new employer groups or plan years.
  • Automated Reimbursement Schedule – Speed up and simplify payment administration by automatically generating payments and end manual payment creation.
  • Flexible Data Exchange – Tell Summit the type of data you expect, and it automatically reads and inputs the data you need. Our exchange also has automated data retrieval and delivery.
  • Non-Discrimination Testing – Non-discrimination testing in Summit is simple, whether the data being tested is already in the system or imported specifically for this purpose. In addition, Summit allows you to adjust participants’ compensation limits, and to print and share test results including recommended plan changes.
  • Additional Tools to Help You Grow – Unique broker portal, a la carte plan design capability, and full white label branding can help you elevate your business to the next level.

Summit Features

Employee benefits administration software should make it easy for TPAs to do their jobs and grow their business, and that’s exactly what DataPath had in mind when we created Summit. Features include:

  • Fast and Easy Setup
  • Simple Consolidation
  • Secure Broker Access
  • White Label Branding



The Compliance Office

We were very impressed with DataPath. We were able to save a lot of money. Your training is spectacular!

Bill Mann President

Common Benefits Administration Software Problems

Do you experience any of these common problems with your current benefits administration platform? Click to read more on how Summit solves these issues!

Setting up similar employers and benefit plans as if each has completely unique characteristics is time-consuming and inefficient.

Summit’s streamlined, wizard-driven processes will save you countless hours and thousands of keystrokes. Use Summit’s default settings for the most popular plan designs, contribution schedules, reimbursement schedules, and other repetitive tasks, or alter them to create your own. Keep on track with Summit’s easy-to-follow progress bar.

Data integration during outsourcing and consolidation can be so difficult that growth opportunities must be set aside until integration is complete.

Summit was built to meet head-on the reality that consolidation and outsourcing are becoming more prevalent. Summit includes a Master-Sub relationship that is unparalleled in this industry. Roll new books of business under your existing master portfolio and gain comprehensive search and reporting capability while maintaining the unique business rules and customization of each book of business. No other solution offers you such power to seek partnerships or acquisitions without fear of a difficult and costly integration process.

Brokers need access to certain data on shared clients. You need a simple way to give it to them without risking privacy issues.

Summit is the only platform that lets you provide brokers with secure, online access to specified data on shared clients. You control access rights, data segregation, report creation, and more. With Summit, you can form closer relationships with referring brokers to grow your business.

Keeping your clients happy is a key part to your successful business. You expect the same level of support and care from your platform provider.

DataPath knows the value of strong client relationships. Part of our commitment to our clients is through market-leading customer support. When you contact DataPath, your calls and emails will be answered quickly and we’ll work to resolve your needs so you can focus on your clients.

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Employee Benefits AdministrationThe ‘Everything You Could Need’ Solution

Summit supports a virtually unlimited array of benefit account types, including FSAs, HSAs, HRAs (including QSEHRAs), Dependent Care, Transit, and more.

Summit is your full-service solution for account-based financial management. A powerful, cutting-edge platform, Summit allows practically unlimited plan design, from the simplest to the most complex. Administrators can design a customizable account-based plan with the following:

  • Multiple benefit designs and options (medical, dental, vision, wellness, etc.)
  • Debit card that links to any account-based employer benefit package and offers a stacked benefit environment that allows portability between benefits
  • Differentiated deductibles
  • Co-insurance rates and co-pays for each benefit option
  • Variable employee/employer responsibility
  • Roll-over

Employee Benefits Administration

Fast and Easy Setup

Summit’s default settings and wizards streamline benefits administration, data entry, and record keeping processes. Setup a new plan with just a few clicks or customize to meet employer needs.

Save time by customizing default settings for the data entry processes you use most:

  • Default plan parameters — e.g., FSA, HRA, etc. — that can be further customized as needed from setup to setup
  • Contribution schedules
  • Reimbursement schedules
  • Debit card functionality

Summit’s wizards walk you through each step and ensure that the necessary information has been entered. In addition, an easy-to-follow progress bar helps keep you on track.

Employee Benefits Administration

Simple Consolidation

Summit was built to meet the current market reality that firms are consolidating and outsourcing more than ever. Summit includes a Master-Sub relationship that is unparalleled in the industry.

Roll new books of business as a Subordinate under your Master portfolio, and gain comprehensive search and reporting functionality across all books of business while maintaining data separation.

Summit was also designed to simplify data integration. You already have data transfer systems in place with distinct file structures. Summit’s integration tool lets you continue to send and receive files in the same format you use now. You tell Summit the format in which you will provide the data and how to expect it.

Summit takes it from there.

Employee Benefits AdministrationSecure Broker Access

Summit is the only platform that empowers you to give brokers secure, online access to specified data on shared clients. With Summit, you designate what data can be shared with which people. Maintain full control while forming closer relationships with referring brokers to grow your business.

You control:

  • Access rights
  • Read/Write permissions
  • Data segregation
  • Report creation and customization
  • Quality and Audit controls

Summit’s unique broker access allows brokers to get the information they need, without risking clients’ privacy.

Employee Benefits Administration

Non-Discrimination Testing

Non-discrimination testing in Summit is simple, whether the data being tested is already in the system or imported specifically for this purpose.

In addition, Summit allows you to adjust participants’ compensation limits, and to print and share test results including recommended plan changes.

Employee Benefits AdministrationWhite Label Branding

Customize the administration and participant portals with your brand, reflecting your logo, colors, themes, and message. You can even customize your own web URL address. DataPath branding need not appear on any public-facing pages or features.

Summit is your private platform, branded to fit your business needs. You have complete freedom to customize your site without DataPath’s ‘fingerprint’ appearing on any public-facing page.

That’s reserved for you.

And even more reasons to reach for Summit:

Global Navigation and Search – Summit learns your most frequent daily functions and automatically pushes them to you as you navigate, eliminating endless clicking to find the information you use most. No other web-based solution is designed specifically to allow multiple windows to be open simultaneously.

Top-Notch Reporting Capabilities – Summit’s unique drag-and-drop report writer lets you create custom reports within minutes. Management-level dashboards, statistical analysis, and data modeling tools provide ‘big data’ when you need it.

Data Migration Beyond the Boundaries – Summit makes normal import/export restrictions a relic of the past. Rather than limiting you to a few pre-defined file formats, Summit enables you to specify the format in which you will be providing the data and how Summit can expect it to arrive. From payroll imports to carrier feeds and beyond, importing and exporting doesn’t get any easier.


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Easily administer FSAs, HSAs, HRAs and more!