CDH Account Solutions

CDH Account Solutions

DataPath Summit platform is the cloud-based ‘everything you could need’ administrative solution. You can manage account-based employer benefit plans such as:

  • FSAs
  • HRAs
  • HSAs
  • Dependent Care
  • Transit/Commuter

Summit integrates account administration with streamlined financial processes, including debit cards, electronic payments, custodial banking, and investment services. Our platform makes it easier and more affordable to enhance client and broker relationships, gain a competitive advantage, increase profits, and grow your business. More >>

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CDH AccountsHSA Assets and InvestmentsBenefits Debit Cards

Billing Solutions | DataPath Solutions

Billing Solutions

DataPath Billing Solutions enable you to administer billing for:

  • COBRA and State Continuation
  • Direct and Customized Billing
  • Retiree Billing

With the industry-leading DataPath COBRA solution as its base, these powerful tools automate compliance and enable premium collection for unlimited direct billing options. You can also accommodate any retiree plan structure and simplify month-end accounting with integrated cash management. Our Premium Billing also features Third Party Payer functionality. More >>

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COBRA BillingDirect BillingRetiree Billing

Payment Solutions | DataPath Solutions

Payment Solutions

DataPath Payment Solutions modernize, streamline, and secure the complex payment processes for workers’ compensation and provider payments in addition to enhancing Medicare Set Aside benefit accounts.

  • Provider Payments – our virtual payment solution – can be used for remittance to any service provider, from auto mechanics to physicians.
  • RenewCard™ – our reloadable, bank-neutral debit card – ensures that workers’ comp payments are made on time and that injured workers can access their funds anywhere, anytime.
  • RelianceCard™ – our Medicare Set Aside debit card – provides MSA recipients quick access to their funds for authorized expenses and prescription discounts.

Reduce overall costs, complete secure transactions, and speed up the payment process with DataPath Payment Solutions. More >>

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Provider PaymentsIndemnity PaymentsMSA Payments