COBRA Software and Billing Solutions

Specially Designed for COBRA Administration

DataPath’s COBRA software and billing solution automates compliance, enables premium collection for unlimited direct billing options, accommodates any retiree plan structure and simplifies monthly accounting with integrated cash management.

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Diversified Administration, Inc.

DataPath's competitive pricing, quality products and services, and focus on client relationships can't be beat.

Susan Luskin President/CEO

The Human Resource Dept., Inc.

One of the things I have always done to enhance my revenues is to provide a package of value-added services. Not just HSA, not just FSA, not just COBRA ... I link all that together in one package ... Most employers don’t have anybody doing their COBRA. They say, "I’m so glad you do COBRA." That alone is worth the price. With DataPath COBRA, I don’t have to fool with it.

John Bowman President

Benefit Solutions

We've been with DataPath since 1988 and have never looked back. They've always been with us when we needed them and always keep us up to date on the latest and greatest. They're a family-oriented company which is what we are. And now they're part of our family.

Linda Meyerhoffer President

COBRA Software

Our COBRA system has been rated best-in-class by many of the largest COBRA administration providers in the country, and our commitment to customer support is second-to-none.


Direct Billing

Our Direct Billing solution collects premiums for group health benefits in addition to other billing functions such as leave of absence, contract employees, individual marketplace payments, parking fees, union dues, or other items.


Retiree Billing

Our versatile Retiree Billing solution features active-to-retiree auto enrollment and adapts to a wide variety of specifications, taking the challenge out of billing administration. 

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