DataPath creates technology solutions for consumer directed healthcare accounts, premium billing, and insurance payments

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Manage CDH Accounts

DataPath’s Summit platform is the cloud-based ‘everything you could need’ administrative solution. DataPath Summit integrates account administration with streamlined financial processes, including debit cards, electronic payments, custodial banking, and investment services. Summit makes it easier and more affordable to enhance client and broker relationships, gain a competitive advantage, increase profits, and grow your business.

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Manage Billing

Administer COBRA, Direct Billing, Retiree Billing, State Continuation, and Customized Billing arrangements using DataPath Billing Solutions. With the industry-leading DataPath COBRA solution as its base, this powerful tool automates compliance, enables premium collection for unlimited direct billing options, accommodates any retiree plan structure and simplifies month-end accounting with integrated cash management.

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Manage Payments

DataPath Payment Solutions modernize, streamline, and secure the complex payment processes for workers’ compensation and provider payments in addition to enhancing Medicare Set Aside benefit accounts. Reduce overall costs, complete secure transactions, and speed up the payment process with DataPath Payment Solutions.

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Why DataPath?

For over three decades, DataPath has been blazing trails to better healthcare across the country through our innovative software solutions – marking the paths that others follow.

We are privately owned and have been in business since 1984. In fact, we’ve been in this market longer than any of our competitors and we’re here to stay.


Paul Williams Principal/Owner
Josh Ludwig Client Service Representative
Dick Boever Principal
Vrenae Daly Comptroller
Linda Meyerhoffer President
Rachel Thrash Claims Manager
Raquita Rowland HSA Division Manager
Stephen Honig President
Mary Tarell VP, Operations and Administration
Susan Luskin President/CEO
Gary Knight President
Bill Mann President

Direct Pay Provider Network, LLC

We're a small business and our staff wears many hats. To help ease the work load, we needed a payment solution that we could trust to deliver accurate payments quickly and enable us to automate a lot of the work.

Interactive Medical Systems

We switched to DataPath COBRA in 2016 after using another platform for many years. Since then we’ve seen dramatic growth in our COBRA business. We couldn’t have supported this increase had it not been for the efficiencies gained through DataPath Billing Solutions.

TaxFree Plans

We found DataPath to be a wonderful partner...look forward to many years in the future.

Secure Benefits Systems

DataPath has helped us streamline our office and our workflow.

Benefit Solutions

We've been with DataPath since 1988 and have never looked back. They've always been with us when we needed them and always keep us up to date on the latest and greatest. They're a family-oriented company which is what we are. And now they're part of our family.

Querbes & Nelson

DataPath has given us a way to set ourselves apart from other brokers.

McGregor & Associates, Inc.

Hands down, HSAToday is the best administration platform out there. You won't find better pricing, quality, or value.

O.C.A. Benefit Services, LLC

We've been using DataPath since 1987. We've stayed with DataPath since 1987 because, while they've had great products and great services, we've stayed with them most importantly because when things haven't worked, they get them fixed.

TLC Administrators

With DataPath, we have everything in one spot, we've got great customer service and support, and we couldn't ask for anything else.

Diversified Administration, Inc.

DataPath's competitive pricing, quality products and services, and focus on client relationships can't be beat.

ProBenefits, Inc.

With DataPath, you get a level of customer service I don't think you'll find elsewhere.

The Compliance Office

We were very impressed with DataPath. We were able to save a lot of money. Your training is spectacular!

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