DataPath creates technology solutions to administer consumer directed healthcare accounts, premium billing, and insurance payments.

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CDH Account Solutions

DataPath’s Summit platform is the cloud-based ‘everything you could need’ administrative solution. Summit integrates account administration with streamlined financial processes, including debit cards, electronic payments, custodial banking, and investment services. Summit makes it easier and more affordable to enhance client and broker relationships, gain a competitive advantage, increase profits, and grow your business.

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Billing Solutions

Administer COBRA, Direct Billing, Retiree Billing, State Continuation, and Customized Billing arrangements using DataPath Billing Solutions. With the industry-leading DataPath COBRA solution as its base, this powerful tool automates compliance, enables premium collection for unlimited direct billing options, accommodates any retiree plan structure and simplifies month-end accounting with integrated cash management.

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Payment Solutions

DataPath Payment Solutions modernizes, streamlines, and secures the complex payment processes for indemnity and provider payments. It reduces overall costs, provides secure transactions, and speeds up the payment process. DataPath Payment Solutions takes the pain out of indemnity and provider payments.

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Why DataPath?

Because All Trailblazers Leave a Path

For over three decades, DataPath has been blazing trails to better healthcare across the country through our innovative software solutions – marking the paths that others follow. We are privately owned and have been in business since 1984. In fact, we’ve been in this market longer than any of our competitors and we’re here to stay.

DataPath is also committed to building close client relationships, knowing that our clients’ success is crucial to our own.  This belief reflects our tight-knit internal culture and we are dedicated to helping our associates fulfill their potential.

With our breadth of industry knowledge and people-centered philosophy, we design our solutions to address the complexities of an ever-changing healthcare industry.

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